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Technical-Urban Planning & Legal Property Control

At RETAMA we are dynamic, flexible, reliable and cooperative! Our team consists of experienced engineers, lawyers and notaries who monitor all developments in legislation and urban planning laws, to avoid errors and mistakes that will cost sellers and buyers. In addition, we offer all the services necessary to facilitate the transfer of all types of property i.e residential, commercial and land.

What we undertake:

  • The coordination and execution of all legal activities required for the placement of the new owner in the property, the eviction of the previous owner (in the case of property from a forced auction – i.e bank property) and the legal search for any unpaid expenses.
  • The recommendation / opinion on the validity of the lease and the termination of lease contracts in the case of tenants (in the case of property resulting from a forced auction – bank property).
  • The safekeeping of removable objects of a former owner or lessee in case of escrow (in the case of property resulting from a forced auction – bank property).
  • The legal control of the property (encumbrance control update and obtaining the required of certificates / documents before the sale).
Technical-Urban Planning & Legal Property Control

We carry out an extensive check of the property’s title deeds at the land titles office and the mortgage registry as well as the land registry, in the area of ​​the property to be purchased in order to establish:

  • If the property for sale is free from mortgage, seizure, claim by any natural or legal person or by the State.
  • Whether all the terms and conditions of the law have been complied with when the said property was acquired by the seller or its predecessors.
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