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Wondering how to get a property through RETAMA? See below all the steps, from expressing interest to receiving the key! And if you want to acquire a property through auction, we are here to support you throughout the process.

Property Buying Guide
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Show your interest. Call us at 210-74.91.888 and ask to be contacted by us, or use our website search engine to discover all of our available properties. You can also subscribe to RETAMA’s weekly newsletter and receive constant updates on new properties and offers in your email.

Tell us about your needs. Once we have created the ideal profile, you will receive a list of selected properties that match them. In addition, we will keep you updated at regular intervals about new properties that match your requirements.

In the event you require finance for the purchase of your property, RETAMA can help you formulate your specific financing needs, and then forward your case to the cooperating credit institutions, without cost.

If one of our properties interests you, the property manager will immediately organize a visit and provide you all the information you require

In you decide that you would like to proceed with one of our properties, you can submit your offer:

  • Electronically, by filling in the offer form that you will find on the property tab.
  • In writing by completing the bid submission form provided by the property management consultant.

Advance payment: once your offer has been approved and to also formalize your interest in the property, an advance payment commensurate with the value of the property must be provided.

Private Agreement: after the deposit of the advance payment, the private agreement is drawn up in which the final terms of the agreement, the characteristics of the property, the agreed price, the method of payment and anything else required by the parties regarding the transaction are precisely defined.

The next step is the presentation of the documents from the seller’s side, which are as follows:

  • Previous notarial title of the property
  • Transfer certificate
  • Land plot and extract
  • Building Permits
  • Floor plans
  • Topographical plans
  • Certificate of non-debt Property Tax
  • ENFIA certificates
  • Tax clearance
  • Insurance coverage
  • Energy efficiency certificate
  • Engineer’s certificate (L.4495/17)

The necessary supporting documents are also gathered from the buyer’s side:

  • Identity confirmation
  • Loan approval
  • Proof of payment of real estate transfer tax (RTT)

This is the final stage of buying and selling. The contract is drawn up by the competent notary public and signed by both parties, the buyer and the seller.

The services we offer in the purchase of a property

Before the sale

  • Certified and documented data with legal and technical analyses
  • Organizing and carrying out visits
  • Direct online communication between Buyers and Owners to determine the final price
  • Information on the financing process and forwarding the request to cooperating credit institutions

During the sale

  • Organization of Legal Audits
  • Engineer’s certificate
  • Notarial services
  • Guaranteed transfer to the Mortgage Registry / Land Office

After the sale

  • Moving
  • Renovation/Repair Proposal
  • Management of leases