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Maturation of Real Estate Transfer Procedures

Retama’s experienced and specialized team, in addition to providing information regarding the property, its legal status and the potential commercial prospects, ensure a smooth transfer process for the property, which include:

  • Internal examination and measurements, comparing with building permit plans and title deeds and plans, which we undertake to collect on your behalf.
  • Check of the current law on illegal (non-legally compliant) properties – in the case of a law compliant legally property, we proceed to issuance of a certificate of legality, otherwise we proceed with arranging for ensuring the property is compliant with the Law.
  • Legalization – arranging to ensuring the property is compliant with the Law as well managing whatever is required for this to be realized.
  • Checking the quality of the property and identifying if everything is in order or if there is any damage to attend to.
  • Issuance of an Energy Performance Certificate.
  • Issuance of an Electronic Building Identity Certificate.
  • Support the process of obtaining consents in case of the need to amend a legal articlen, with the consent of co-owners for the transfer of the property
  • Property declaration for the relevant municipality
  • Issuance of certificate that property tax has been paid.
  • Declaration of a property in the Land Registry, correction errors, and or the submission of objections
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