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Buying Guide



Discover all the options

Step 1. Discover all the options

Call us at (+30) 2107491888, request us to contact you, or visit our portal & check all our available listings. You can also subscribe in our weekly newsletter and stay up to date with the latest listings & offers.


Step 2. Talk to us about your needs & expectations

Talk to us about your needs and expectations and together we will do our utmost to fulfill your requirements. Once we create your profile and understanding of what you are looking for, you will receive a selection of properties that match your criteria. We will keep you constantly updated as soon as new properties that meet your requirements become available.


Step 3. Do you need a mortgage?

RETAMA, through its collaborator, can shape your real needs, offering guidance and tailor-made financing to suit your needs. Our experts are on hand to offer any advice you may require, without any additional cost.


Step 4. Visit our properties

If any of our properties suit you, ask us to visit it. Our people will organize your visit immediately and will give you all the required information about it.



Make your offer

Step 5. Make your offer

In case you are interested in any of our properties, you can submit your offer

1. By filling the bidding form provided by the property management consultant.

Via our website after entering the property tab.

* Offers submitted either in writing or electronically does not include all the costs of buying the property (transfer tax, lawyers' fees, notary fees, land registry etc), which are chargeable to the proposed acquirer.


Step 6. Reserve your future property

Once your offer has been approved, and in order to formalize your interest in buying the property, a deposit equivalent to the value of the property should be given.

After the deposit is made, the private agreement specifying the final terms of the agreement, the characteristics of the real estate to be sold, the agreed price, the manner of payment and whatever the two parties wish to include, and which concerns the transaction.


Step 7. Sale contract preparation

Required documentation (Seller’s side)
Last deed – Last deed registration certificate – Cadastral certificates – Building permit – Building permit drawings – Topographic plan – TAP certificate – Property tax certificate – Tax clearance – Certificate of insurance clearance – Energy efficiency certificate – Engineer certificate (L.4495/17)

Required documentation (Buyer’s side)
ID cards – Mortgage loan approval – Certificate of transfer tax payment.


Step 8. Sale contract signing

This is the final stage of the purchase of the property. The contract is drafted by the selected notary and signed by both parties (buyer-seller).