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Auction Guide

i) Sign up & Login for candidate bidders

For your participation as a bidder in electronic auctions using you need to sign up in the service.

Sign up with Greek Vat Number

If you have a Greek VAT number you use the codes for the TAXIS Net and you receive SMS on your mobile phone to activate your account. The authentication service of the Independent Taxpayers Authority (TaxisNet) is used for users with Greek VAT, through which the user authorizes the service ( to obtain access to the basic Registry data (VAT Number, First Name, Last Name, Father Name, Mother Name) provided by tax registry of Taxis of the Ministry of Finance of the Ministry of Finance.

Sign up without Greek Vat Number

If you have a non-Greek VAT number, you choose an auction that you would like to participate in and then enter your details. In order to complete your registration, you must send by post the documents that certify the validity of the information you have entered. You select an auction so your subscription is sent for approval to the responsible auctioneer.

ii) Participation Request

To apply for a participant you will need to login to the system using the input details you set up during your registration.

Once you log in to the system using the login information, you can immediately apply to participate in any auction. In addition, you can create a list of my auctions you are interested in.

Entering the Online Auction Service you can search for the auction you are interested in based on:

  • The date of their conduct
  • The first bid price
  • The name of the debtor

Once you have chosen the auction you want, you must accept the terms of use and then submit your application. When submitting an application, you have the option to appoint an agent. The contact person authorized to do so is appointed as a contact person in the event of failure to find him or herself (eg to receive the documents communicated to him in legal cases.) In the event that you do not appoint an agent, the counsel of the court of the place of execution of the auction.

iii) Sending required documents

The responsible Auction Officer has the obligation to check the validity of the application. You have the obligation to send by physical means (eg by mail) the following supporting documents at the Auction Officer's office:

  • Power of Attorney (if required)
  • Legitimate Documents for Legal Entities (if required)

Proof of Payment of the Participation Guarantee at the auction which:

  • is 30% of the first bid
  • is deposited exclusively on a special, unprofitable business account maintained by a bank employee at a Greek Banking

iv) Participation Approval

The responsible Auction Officer has the obligation to check the validity of the application.

After the Auction Officer checks the documentation, you will be informed by email about the status of your application.

v) Auction Conduction

Once you've successfully passed all the previous steps, the auction will follow. In order to access the Auction Acceptance Screen, you need to confirm an additional security code through the mobile phone you have specified when registering. Below you can see a video that describes both the Auction Run Screen and the bidding process.

Before you take part in online auctions, please read the prospective bidder's manual: Candidate Bidders' Manual.