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Buying in Greece

Greece is a place that meets all visitor’s expectations, sunny days and beautiful sights. A combination of traditional culture and vivid nightlife.

Real estate prices in Greece are highly affected by financial crisis that lasted more than ten years and by healthcare crisis (Covid-19) which led to a significant drop in prices.

Currently on the growth following a positive outlook with a steady increase in demand for residential, commercial properties, logistics (due to Covid-19 crisis) and data centers.

It is also the focus of many international institutional investors and distressed funds that wish to invest significant portion of their real estate portfolio in Greek properties.

Furthermore, the Greek Golden Visa program has sparked the interest of many individual investors who aim to purchase residential and commercial properties as an investment.

In addition, the significant rise in demand for logistics due to Covid-19 crisis and data centers attract big tech firms to invest (such as Microsoft) will induce significant chances in whole Greek real estate market.